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What is Kyusho Jutsu?

Kyūsho, 急所, Pressure point in martial arts is an anatomical area that is used to inflict pain, cause injury or death. We teach in a safe way so as not to damage each other and to learn the levels of power required and speed and accuracy to deliver when the adrenalin is running.

The use of Kyusho in martial arts can give an advantage against a stronger opponent. Many kata call for the use of Pressure points to direct the opponent's center of gravity or to neutralize him according to the level of violence.

Kyusho was part of karate before the second world war. After the war a lot of western soldiers stayed in Japan to learn the martial art namely Karate. The Japanese having just lost the war did not want to teach the westerners their special arts and felt disgruntled at their presence, but due to economics they devised a way of teaching them but not revealing the secrets, so they taught then the children's art which was the basic karate that was introduced into the Japanese school curriculum by Gichin Funakoshi from the 1920's

A lot of the movements were interpreted as blocks by westerners due to the language barrier and the way it was taught, the monkey see the monkey do way, was the way we were taught for many years

The word block has little meaning in Japanese, it was interpreted as a stop by the westerners. All the techniques were strikes to pressure points and vital points. These were hidden in the katas of karate and only taught to close family members or trusted Japanese students who would continue to safe guard this knowledge. Deflection of attacks can be construed as blocks in English.

Kyusho-Jitsu (Ryukyu Kempo) is the art of striking pressure points/nerves.

They need to be activated by striking, pressing, rubbing or vibrating. Some nerves can respond in a few ways, others will only respond to pressing or just rubbing.

Pressure points for self defence

Pressure points for self defence is using the nerves to our advantage, in simple terms it is the body's way of monitoring its condition, pain, hot, cold or if an organ is in good condition. With the use of pressure points we can stimulate the nerves to utilize these messages sent to the brain to get the desired response, that is, a lowering of the blood pressure, pain, dizziness and/or a knock out.

It must not be forgotten that we can use these same nerves or pressure points for healing. It is responsible for an instructor to teach the healing methods as there must always be In Ro, the body must always be in total balance.

Karate kata and other practice such as ippon kumite contain all the nerve strikes and pressure points.

This is why kata is so important in our training. All arts that practice forms or kata have this information and it is necessary to think of blocks in a different way.

The use of nerve/pressure points requires time to study and practice and as with our standard training we keep fit and practice on moving targets in free fighting and restricted free fighting.

The training offered at our clubs deals with the types of pain and what the effects are on the human body.

Traditional skills and techniques

Real world applications

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