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A unique blend of authentic martial arts, with real-world application

At Higashi Ruy Martial arts, we teach a range of martial arts covering Japanese swordsmanship, Karate, Weapons Training and Manipulating Pressure Points.

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Karate is a martial art that is based on the quest for perfection in the art. Serious practitioners of the art may have started for reasons of fitness or self-defense, but many continue their striving for perfection and use in real life.


Kenbudo will, after many hours of dedicated training with a senior swordsman, give the swordsman a deep insight into strategy, tactics and the minds of other men and women. One of the reasons is that first a swordsman by virtue of training, discovers strategy and tactics and then his own mind. Controlling himself leads to being able to control others at mental and physical planes.

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Kobudo (small war way) is the study of small war weapons as distinct from the Japanese sword. The weapon arts we teach include Bo (long staff) Jo (medium staff), Sai (pronged long dagger), Nunchaku (rice flails) and Tanto (single edged dagger).

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Kyūsho, 急所, Pressure point and vital points in martial arts is an anatomical area that is used to inflict pain, cause injury or death. We teach in a safe way so as not to damage each other and to learn the levels of power required and speed and accuracy to deliver when the adrenalin is running. The use of Kyusho in martial arts can give an advantage against a stronger opponent. Many kata call for the use of Pressure and vital points to direct the opponent's center of gravity or to neutralize him according to the level of violence. Most effective when used in combination with Teito and Karate.

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