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Grading Time spans

A minimum time interval of 3 months is required between Kyu examinations, except for those taking brown belts, when the time requirement is 6 months. There is a minimum time requirement of 36 months before taking the 1st Dan black belt examination and 48 months is a more realistic target.Black belt grades are known as ‘Dan’ and they progress from 1st Dan through to 10th Dan. To gain another Dan an individual also has to pass a grading examination, which may only be taken after all the specified prerequisites, including the minimum appropriate time interval, have been satisfied.
Time intervals are as follows:
2 Years     1st Dan   to   2nd Dan
3 Years     2nd Dan   to   3rd Dan
4 Years     3rd Dan   to   4th Dan
5 Years     4th Dan   to   5th Dan
6 Years     5th Dan   to   6th Dan
7 Years     6th Dan   to   7th Dan
8 Years     7th Dan   to   8th Dan
9 Years     8th Dan   to   9th Dan
6th Dan and above are awarded on merit. For juniors (those under 16 years) the same time intervals apply for Kyu and Dan grading examinations, but an allowance is made for age.Juniors are recognisable because they are required to wear a 6” by ¾” white strip on each end and both sides of their coloured belts. Upon reaching the age of 16 years a junior is eligible to attempt a senior grading examination for recognition of his or her existing junior grade. 
Dan grades are collectively referred to as Yudansha.The instructor in a session is called Sensei if a Dan grade or Sempai if not and all other Dan grades in a session are called Sempai. 

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