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Fred East 7th Dan

Chief Instructor Karate and Higashiryu Kenbudo

if any of the numbers below are unavailable please email me:

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Tony Barber 4th Dan Karate

Yatton, Karate Instructor

Tel: 07762 725 595

Yatton Dojo assistant instructor: Nick Charlesworth 4th Dan


Matt Dancey 4th Dan Karate & Kenbudo

Worle, Karate, Kenbudo and Young Samurai Instructor

Tel: 01934 261525

Mob: 07582 698 100


Traditional skills and techniques

Real world applications

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Fred East  Chief Instructor and Founder
Higashi Ryu Kenbudo & Karate
(Weston-super-Mare), Karate & Sword

Tony Barber (Yatton), Karate Instructor
Mob: 07762725595

Matt Dancey (Worle), Karate, Sword & Young Samurai Instructor

Tel: 01934 261525
Mob: 07582 698100

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