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Summer Training Camp (Gasshuku)


Normally a closed door intensive for a few days with no outside contact nor respite, but in our case, a few days in Summer in the outdoors.

Every year a Gasshuku is organised for all our students, young and old.
For the last eight years our Gasshuku has been held in Dartmoor with easy access to the tors and hills.
This affords the chance to walk (working walk) in the beautiful English countryside but with the added bonus of fairly difficult terrain most suitable for body health and fitness essential for martial arts.

When the weather is good it is nice to relax after a brisk walk or training session in the cool waters of the river or swimming in the deep pools.

The Gasshuku starts on Friday afternoon and finishes on Sunday at about four pm. suitable for students to get home ready for work or school the next day.

Camping in tents or van takes place in a lovely big uncluttered field and a fellowship of martial artists is encouraged with the provision of a central camp fire where bbq or other cooking is encouraged in the evenings. The day's training can be chewed over or if anyone is up to it, music if anyone can play an instrument or sing or perhaps a demonstration of the day's teaching.

The sessions are hard but always fun. There is little time in the day for boredom as time is of the essence and group training the purpose.

Weapons training as well as karate and other unarmed fighting skills is always in the programme.

Only paid up regular training members can attend so join one of our clubs and get fit.....fighting fit.




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