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Higashi Ryu (East School): Fred East 7th Dan, Chief Instructor

Budokai-UK Hombu

  • Ken Bu Kai (sword spirit club) is the Budokai UK hombu, the source in Somerset of :
  • Shitoryu Karate
  • Higashi Ryu Kenbudo: My Japanese Swordsmanship
  • Higashi Ryu Battojutsu based on Toyama Ryu.
  • Kobudo: traditional Okinawan small weaponry; sai, nunchaku, tanto, bo, jo etc (for use by trained Karateka)
  • Kyusho: nerve centre striking (for use by trained Karateka) and Teito

Somerset Budokai (part of BudokaiUK) is the only recognised organisation source of Shitoryu Karate in the West of England and the only source of Higashi Ryu swordsmanship.

There are three dojo at the moment offering the arts described, the Hombu, Yatton and Worle.

The karate training embodies the requirements of  dojo kumite and of combat ability, from the original concepts of karate.

Kumite in the dojo is semi contact of the old school, pads/mits are optional.

Students are taught to focus so as not to damage other students, but full power and fast strikes are the core training.

  • Wednesday morning at the Hombu has classes running from 8:00am until 10.00am at Hutton Leisure Centre, Weston super-Mare
  • Training is split between Kenbudo Higashi Ryu and Shitoryu karate with Kobudo as required

The first class at the honbu is free.

Sessions are run by Fred East Sensei and comprise lessons to suit the level of students who attend.

From time to time there are Saturday morning sessions (every month, 2nd weekend at the moment) for all grades of students which will be announced for now on the Kenbukai Budokai Facebook page:

The sessions are normally 8.30 am to 11.00 am and grading sometimes occurs here

A Gasshuku (summer training camping weekend in the Tors of Dartmoor) is an annual treat.

Fred East is 7th Dan and chief instructor of all arts, Kenbudo Higashi Ryu and Budokai-UK chairman with over 46 years training and teaching.

Mr East continues his own Karate, Sword and Small Weapons development by regular training and constant research.

Senseis Barber 4th Dan  and Dancey 4th Dan also keep up regular karate training with East Sensei and each have over 30 years training/teaching experience.

Other Dan grades in the association: Nick Charlesworth 4th Dan, all of which act as assistant instructors from time to time.

Traditional skills and techniques

Real world applications

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Fred East  Chief Instructor and Founder
Higashi Ryu Kenbudo & Karate
(Weston-super-Mare), Karate & Sword

Tony Barber (Yatton), Karate Instructor
Mob: 07762725595

Matt Dancey (Worle), Karate, Sword & Young Samurai Instructor

Tel: 01934 261525
Mob: 07582 698100

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